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The Internet is so new that current Hawaii Real Estate regulations do not yet address a medium whereby you, the Internet user (the public), can elect to access a site for information by your own choice.

By proceeding to view properties contained herein, you are aware, agree, and accept to the following:

1. If your property is currently listed for sale with another broker, it is not the intention of Quality Real Estate, a Division of Kihei Maui Vacations, Inc. (hereinafter Quality) to solicit that listing.

2. It is the intention of Quality to provide information herein for only those who understand the terms and conditions of this disclaimer.

3. Although Quality may hold the listing on some of the properties shown herein, Quality hereby intends to make it clear to you, the "elector" of this site, that the majority of the properties herein are not listed for sale by Quality, but rather, are listed for sale by other reputable Brokers.

4. You agree that in continuing to view the properties provided herein, you have done so without the direct solicitation by Quality to you by any means. You understand and agree that you have elected, unilaterally, and by your own accord, to visit our site.

5. Quality wants to make it clear that the properties shown herein are not to be interpreted or understood as advertisements by Quality in ANY form. If you wish to seek an advertisement of any property herein or elsewhere, please exit from these pages NOW.

6. You agree that, at your own election, you wish to receive a complete list of the properties shown herein immediately rather than by mail, fax, or other media from Quality or any other reputable real estate company.

7. You are aware that the exact, same information you elect to view herein can be obtained by a slower means via fax, mail, etc. Although you are aware of this, however, you wish to receive this information, electronically, NOW rather than sometime in the future.

8. You agree that if you use the information contained herein in violation of this disclaimer, you understated that you may be violating local and federal laws.

9. You do not find this information offensive or objectionable, but rather helpful and informational.

10. You fully understand this disclaimer and accept sole responsibility for your actions.

11. You agree that all material you transport from this site will be used for your own personal use and will not be reused in any manner.

12. You agree, as outlined in #1 below, that it is the intent of Quality to protect the public in it's real estate transactions.

13. Per #2 below, you are aware and agree that Quality is making a good faith effort to protect you, the public, against fraud, misrepresentation, or unethical practice.

14. Per #2 below, in most cases, again, properties contained herein are listed by other reputable Real Estate firms making honest, good faith efforts to sell that property. You understand and agree that properties contained herein ARE NOT advertisement

15. Per #3 below, since most of these properties are listed with other real estate firms, Quality is in a natural position to represent the you as a "Buyer" in a transaction. In most cases, Quality will enter into a separate "Cooperating Agreement" with the listing agent for fees.

16. Per #4, 5, 7, 10 & 11 below, properties contained herein, again, are not to be construed as "advertisements". This is information you wish to receive NOW that you could otherwise obtain through the mail, fax, etc.

17. Per #6 below, in most cases, since most of the listings are listed by another real estate firm, my representation of you would be as a Buyer's agent where I represent YOUR best interests in negotiations.

18. Per #8 below for our "promotional" page, see our
Home Page

19. Per #9, land tenure is provided on all properties shown herein.

As outlined in the State of Hawaii, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 99 :

1. 16-99-3(a) It is our intent to fully protect the general public (You) in your real estate transactions.

2. 16-99-3(b) We are making this disclosure to you, the internet user, to protect you against fraud, misrepresentation, or unethical practices in the real estate field. The licensee (Quality) shall endeavor to eliminate any practices in the community ....

3. 16-99-3 (f) When working with a seller in a "For Sale By Owner" or a "Courtesy to Broker" situation, the licensee shall disclose who, if anyone, the licensee represents and who will pay a commission, if any.

4. 16-99-3 (i) The broker shall not submit or advertise property without written authorization, or franchise, and in any offering the price quoted shall not be other than that agreed upon with the owner as the offering price.

5. 16-99-3 (l) A licensee shall not place any sign or advertisement indicating a property is for sale, rent, lease, or exchange without the written authorization of the owner or seller and approval of the principal broker or broker in charge.

6. 16-99-3.1 "Buyer's Agent" means a real estate broker who acts as the agent of the buyer.

7. 16-99-11 (a) No real property shall be advertised except in the full name of the broker as licensed by the commission, including a trade name previously registered by the broker with the business registration division and with the commission.

8. 16-99-11 (d) Disclosure of the individual's status as a real estate licensee whether active or inactive is required in all advertising and promotional material.

9. 16-99-(e), A leasehold or fee simple property advertised for sale in the newspaper medium, promotional matter, or otherwise shall be properly identified as such. The designation (LH) to identify a leasehold and (FS) to identify a fee simple property....

10. 16-99-11 (f), All advertising materials, including but not limited to business cards shall identify the licensee with the licensee's brokerage firm or employing broker, and specify whether the licensee is a broker or a salesperson, or if a current, .....

11. 16-99-11 (i), Any advertising materials containing any address or telephone number of the place of business shall be respectively identified as such and also contain the street address or telephone number of the place of business identified and, .....

In Summary...

We regret the long disclosure, however, the laws in Hawaii are very rigid. As you can see, our objective is for you to understand that the information highway is yours to use IF if you understand this outline. Remember, unique to Hawaii, if you are cons
I have read, accept the terms of this Disclaimer, and wish to Proceed. Please take me back to the
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I have read and Do Not accept the terms of this Disclaimer, and wish to Leave Now.

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