Maui 1031 Exchange

Maui 1031 Exchange

Maui 1031 Exchange Form

License Verification

Are you a licensed Real Estate Agent?   YES   NO
If YES, What state(s) are you licensed in?   

Are you in an Active 1031 Exchange?   YES   NO

If YES . . . . . .

Facts on the Property you are Selling . . .

Status of your Property?
       On Market or soon to be
       Accepted Contract / In Escrow / Sale Pending
       Sold Already

: Closing Date / Date of Sale
: Sales Price
: Total Loans Outstanding at Closing

When will you be traveling to Maui next?

If you have firm reservations, please provide your Maui arrival & departure dates and place of stay.
This will allow me to prepare ahead for your visit and our meeting.

: Arrival Date To Maui
: Departure Date From Maui
: Maui Place of Stay (Lodging)
: Unit & phone number of Lodging if known

Your Contact Information

: First Name
: Last (Family) Name
: Where are you employed?
: Where is your spouse employed?
: (Street) Mailing Address
: City
: State or Province
: Zip or Postal Code
: Phone Number (H)
: Phone Number (W)
: Fax Number (If Any)

Our experience shows that Buyers, who have made arragnements with a local Maui lender PRIOR to an offer have a greater chance of a Seller accepting their 1st offer. Why? Sellers interpret these Buyers as serious and this reduces the Seller's risk of lost valuable market time and escrow fall out. As a buyer, you also have confidence to shop while knowing your pre-approved limits. Would you like to be prequalified by a Maui lender?

How long have you been looking to purchase Maui Real Estate?

Are you working exclusively with any other real estate agents on Maui?
(If yes, who is the other agent & do you want to work with Que Martyn also?)

Do you need to sell another property before buying your Maui Real Estate (or complete the lease period of a property before buying your Maui property?) If yes, how long will this be?

Have you previously seen any Maui Real Estate properties that you really liked? (If yes, why didn't you buy them?)

How much cash do you want to use for your Maui Real Estate purchase?

What special requirements do you need in your new Maui Real Estate property?

Generally, commissions in Hawaii are paid by the Seller. There is NO FEE due from you (Buyer). Que Martyn dedicates 100% of his time finding and negotiating the best price and terms for Qualified Buyers who agree to meet with him and plan a purchasing plan prior to looking at properties. Will you be able to meet with Que Martyn to plan your purchasing strategy? If you are able to, please recommend a date, time and place on Maui convenient for you where we can meet.

What Area(s) on Maui do you wish to receive current market reports of Maui Real Estate?
Lahaina Town
Kapalua Resort
Kaanapali Resort
Upcountry Maui
Kahului & Wailuku
Paia & Sprecklesville
Napili & Kahana Areas
Hana Kipahulu & Kaupo
Wailea & Makena Resorts

What Type(s) of Maui Real Estate will you be purchasing?
Land & Acreage
Residential / Homes
Businesses For Sale
Commercial For Sale

What is your price range for your Maui Real Estate purchase?
Under $100 000
$100 000 to $250 000
$250 000 to $500 000
$500 000 to $1M
Over $1M

Please use this area to add any additional comments that will help me understand more clearly what you want or need in your new 1031 Maui Real Estate purchase

We log where you came from in case of question later.