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# B101 Buyer WANTS Golf Course ... Golf Course in the Southeastern United States, up to 10 Million.

# B108 Buyer WANTS Golf Course ... Golf Course wanted in the State of California. Will consider all types, including a gentlemens estate type also. No limit on price.

# B120 Buyer WANTS Golf Course ... 9 or 18 Hole Public Golf Courses in the $2 to $5 Million price range in North Carolina or South Carolina.

# B125 Buyer WANTS Golf Course ... Developer wanting Golf Courses & Hotels in the Southeastern U.S. Price open.

# B136 Buyer WANTS Golf Course ... Florida, Naples to Tampa, Up to $500K dependent upon available financing. Active working Golf Driving Range-location on west coast of Florida in area from Naples to Tampa. Down payment monies capped at $200K Cash-balance owner(preferable) or bank financed. Timing is now through next 90 days to closure (from 3-10-96).

# B140 Buyer WANTS Golf Course ... General Partner seeking golf courses--18 holes or more, daily fee or semi-private, prefrs to put 30% down, inspection of property, financial statements for past three years.

# B171 Buyer WANTS Golf Course ... Currently exploring available properties for the ideal golf course and associated facilities that best lend themselves to our plan for building and managing one (perhaps more) Religous Golfers Halfway House. Such a facility will provide a home, sponsorship and misc. support for about 100 aspiring and highly qualified male and female golfers seeking professional standing on the LPGA, PGA and Seniors'PGA. The ownership of the golf course, facilities and housing complex will be a California 501(c)

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Information contained herein has been obtained from Golf Course Buyers that are deemed reliable. We have no reason to doubt the accuracy, however we do not guaranty it. These Golf Course Buyers are offered subject to prior purchase, withdrawal, cancellation, or other conditions without prior notice.

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